Special Work Force

Creation and Early History

The Special Work Force was created by General Vorgan to battle an increasing tide of disobedient and absent soldiers. He created it as an option to the death penalty and as a way to lessen the day-to-day chores imposed on regular soldiers. Men who would otherwise be summarily executed for insubordination or desertion would instead be put to work under the supervision of only the most skilled commanders (originally Vorgan himself) performing the most menial, tedious, or otherwise dangerous tasks usually assigned to regular soldiers.

LeClezio Years

When LeClezio ascended to the rank of general after Vorgan, he restructured the Work Force to include non-military personnel. The Force now included convicted criminals who had opted to join under the condition that they did not incur the usual punishment of their crimes, but were press-ganged into the army performing menial labor and fighting in battle whenever required. They were subject to the rules other military personnel had to follow and would be released from service unconditionally once the war ended. This plan worked well for many years, expanding the Force by almost 80% in the first 5 years.
However, the old system had fallen apart when a young, deformed boy was brought in on charges of murder. He worked well for a week until he lashed out and killed his superior, a Lieutenant Colonel on the verge of promotion, with ease. Overnight, the force went from a well-organized, maintained group to an angry mob. The resulting riot halted and reversed all previous movement made by the Rhynnians into Tenochan territory and began the start of a massive retreat. After that, the force was broken up between many separate units, its size drastically decreased, and its commander one of very low ranking.

Special Work Force

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