Stone of Conjuration

One of the major stones of power


Discovered Abilities

By placing your thumb over the rune labeled “move” and concentrating on a place you would like to go, you are instantly teleported there. Concentrating on a person will cause you to teleport inside the person, causing an explosion injuring both involved severely. If you do not have a very clear picture of where you wanted to go, there will be targeting errors.
The rune labeled “bring” has unknown properties.
The rune labeled “trap” has unknown properties.


The Stone of Conjuration is a Stone of Power that is among the 7 Major Stones of Power was discovered by Naftis and Roywyn in a cave near a Rhynnian detachment off the coast of the Rhyne Sea. It resembles a spherical block of amethyst with three dimples in it. Each dimple has an archaic rune inscribed within it. Soren was able to roughly decipher the runes such that they meant “move”, “bring”, and “trap”. This Stone was used to teleport the adventurers to a Tenochan enemy encampment where they met Ashantil and obtained the Stone of Necromancy.

Stone of Conjuration

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